about us

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We love boxes!

We build and stock about 15 different sizes of boxes in our rustic box range. From mini boxes at $6 ea through to our 1m long timber planter trough at $115 ea, we have beautiful boxes to suit any application. and if we don't have what you need in stock, we can design and build it for you!

10 years experience

From our initial interest in building rustic wooden boxes from recycled timber we have now become experienced furniture designers and builders. We have our own range of designs and we have created many custom counters, tables and displays for other businesses and homes.

We use our Facebook page to catalogue most of our projects...Check it out via the Facebook link at the bottom of this page...

Moving forward...

As well as developing our expertise in furniture design, we have over the years become known for our retail merchandising and displays. Our new retail display at Hunted Collectibles in Kilsyth offers a wonderful and engaging retail experience. You will leave with an arm full of unique items and a head full of amazing ideas for your home or business!